How many candidates does it take to get a hire? One, two, a thrrree?

I don’t give a hoot, yeah I said hoot, about how many candidates it takes to get a hire. You know why? Because after being in this industry for 15+ nearly years you learn something about what it really takes. I’m going to break this down for you dear readers. We’ve all been doing it […]

The Worst Interview Questions: “Tell Me About Yourself?”

Never ever ask a candidate “Tell me about yourself”. It’s offensive, and it’s a fat-lazy-meaningless question. I read an article over on written by an HR Executive. Let me start by saying this is a question that has been dead to me since the 90’s. The worn out interview question, “Tell me about yourself” […]

Do Linkedin Profile Views Matter Anymore?

A lot of recruiters hate Linkedin. Why? I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because they resent how constantly changes. Some recruiters harken back to the early days when the site was mostly free. But almost every recruiter uses Linkedin because it’s a needed tool. Yeah. needed. And anyone with 0+ years of work experience NEEDS […]

Algorithms vs. Recruiter – Can an Algorithm Replace a Recruiter?

Back in the 90’s personality tests were the rage especially for telemarketing companies that had tons of turnover. Today personality tests are extremely unpopular and a target for a lawsuit. Here comes the latest new trend in recruiting. Instead of personality tests (oh and remember the companies selling them touted how accurate they were) HR […]

Making a career move? Read This Before You Apply On-line!

So wanna make a career change. Congrats! Before that happens, you got some important questions to answer. Earning a living? Paying bills? Got a family? Yeah Sparky, those are big questions. Answering yes to all those questions leads to the biggest question you never even thought of. Who is your recruiter? You got to make […]

The Researcher – Talent Acquisition and Recruiting’s Deepest Darkest Best Kept Secret Weapon

Three things in life are certain. Death, Taxes and you will be in a Database. As soon as the Doc slaps your fanny and your mom cries your name – Boom in you’re in a Database. Get a loan, a credit card, buy a house or a car – Boom in you’re in Database. About […]

MREC – The New Mobile Recruiter

Be honest. You had a pager once. Admit it. It was your alarm clock in the morning. You had proudly clipped it on your belt everyday. You asked all your clients, candidates and friends to page you. You were a sophisticated jet setting recruiter. If only your pager were a human, you would’ve made love […]

2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference – WHY You Need To Go!

You think you know everything about Recruiting until something new comes along and then you’re embarrassed and like, “um, yeah yeah, I knew about that App” but you really didn’t. What’s even more embarrassing is that you have a team of Recruiters that sit in a cube all day getting beat up by a mob […]

3rd Party Resumes and the Blind Eye Job Boards

Here is a new trend. Actually it’s an old one but it wasn’t as common then as it is now. You get all your recruiters a job board license and tell them to fetch some active candidates and they come back with nothing. Recruiting managers are baffled. How can so many recruiters not-find-a-single-resume-from-all-the-paid-job-boards? Well…that’s because […]

The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Shirt (must have for recruiters)

Two ways to look at recruiters. One who has the power of The Mountain Three Wolf Moon mindset and everyone else. What’s the difference between these two recruiters? Simple. One is easily able to exude confidence over the phone while wearing the The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Tee and while the others seem to stammer […]