Algorithms vs. Recruiter – Can an Algorithm Replace a Recruiter?

wanna_new_career copyBack in the 90’s personality tests were the rage especially for telemarketing companies that had tons of turnover. Today personality tests are extremely unpopular and a target for a lawsuit.

Here comes the latest new trend in recruiting. Instead of personality tests (oh and remember the companies selling them touted how accurate they were) HR is buying into pre-screening or pre-hire assessment technology. These pre-assessment companies claim their algorithms can accurately predict if someone will quit in less than a year.

But not only can they predict employee behavior they can also replace a recruiter. So they say….

Can an Algorithm Replace a Recruiter is an article posted on the ERE website.  The authors work for SAP and have a pre-assessment hiring tool. So of course, they claim that their product can replace a recruiter using their state of the art algorithms.

Companies that are shopping for pre-assessment hiring technology to replace recruiting are in for a let down.

Consider these 10 things before investing in pre-assessment hiring tools:

1)   People with experience and skills in demand RARELY have to apply online.

2)   Most jobseekers prefer to network rather than apply online

3)   Pre-assessment tools WILL lengthen time to fill

4)   Recruiters are measured on time-to-fill

5)   Hiring Managers already ARE dissatisfied with unfilled positions

6)   HR always will hire more recruiters when positions go unfilled.

7)   Pre-assessment tools are not 100% and will weed out some good ones.

8)   Cost per hire INCREASES when it takes longer to fill a position.

9)   Jobseekers will learn to game the pre-assessment tool

10)                   Algorithm CAN NOT predict human behavior because people quit all the time for more money and growth.

Pre-assessment tools that weed out applicants WILL lengthen the time-to-fill. And according to the latest measurements, the average is 27 days! And it’s climbing.

Easy to fill jobs are now hard to fill jobs because of pre-assessment hiring  software. More pressure comes to fill the open vacancies and HR has a tendency to throw more recruiters when jobs are taking longer to fill ultimately defeating the purpose of the tools!

Lastly, people quit. They typically quit because of money and growth. If a company can not and will not address their salary ranges, culture and career path, there is no need to invest in tools that will predict how long someone will stay.


Can an algorithm truly replace a recruiter? Not really, but maybe in the future. We will have to wait until they are programmed in androids that have more human than human emotions.

Making a career move? Read This Before You Apply On-line!

The career moveSo wanna make a career change. Congrats! Before that happens, you got some important questions to answer. Earning a living? Paying bills? Got a family? Yeah Sparky, those are big questions. Answering yes to all those questions leads to the biggest question you never even thought of. Who is your recruiter?

You got to make choices. Now. Waiting to see what happens is going to be slow and frustrating. Time to make a move. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. We’ve all been there and often long for greener pastures but getting there is a bit of journey and challenge. You need a recruiter. He (She) is like a Sherpa. They will carry all of your “work baggage”, organize it, and lighten your load for big career change.

But here is the deal. You need to find a recruiter in the profession, industry, or company that you want to be in. Finding a recruiter is easy. Finding the right one is tough though.

Most recruiters hear blah blah blah when you call them up and tell them your next big career move. They could care less. They just want to place you or get you off the phone if you’re not a fit.

Here is the deal again. Be prepared. Have your stuff together. Not talking about a resume. I mean, do your research, get your certifications, get some exposure or mentoring.

If you are not prepared to make a move, then don’t bother.  Period. Recruiter’s won’t help you unless YOU are READY.

So career-changers and job-seekers, I’m going to give you three big secrets that NO recruiter will ever want you to know. Let me put it this way. Tired of applying online and never hearing back? Well, I’ve got an inside secrets that can get you noticed and increase your chances of getting the RIGHT recruiter to call you back.

I will have a Webinar in May just for job seekers or those looking to make a career change that you won’t want to miss. With these tips, you can apply to companies like Google that get nearly THREE million applicants a year and only hire 0.2 Percent. Not even 1 Percent! But, there are ways to INCREASE your visibility time and time again when you apply online.

Let me show you how

Sign-up coming soon.


The Researcher – Talent Acquisition and Recruiting’s Deepest Darkest Best Kept Secret Weapon

Three things in life are certain. Death, Taxes and you will be in a Database. As soon as the Doc slaps your fanny and your mom cries your name – Boom in you’re in a Database.

Get a loan, a credit card, buy a house or a car – Boom in you’re in Database.

About the only thing you can do to escape being entered in a database is to be raised by wolves in the wilderness. But then you risk some scruffy environmental scientist discovering you, shooting you with a tranquilizer and hauling you back to civilization. Boom! Databased!

Everything you do and everything you don’t do is entered in to a database. What you eat, wear, drink, listen to, watch nightly, sleep on, sleep with, drive in, drive over and run with is all in databases.

Let me introduce you to your new Researcher. He is part of the SWAT team that will populate your resume database with millions of resumes, names, profiles, emails, phone numbers and crap.

The Researcher (aka Punching Bag) is the most stable job in the recruiting world. Ever. Period. Until the end of recruiting time, there is always a need for a Researcher. Even if recruiting is outsourced to Aliens, this country has a growing need for Researchers.

The Researcher is a different breed of recruitment species. Prone to working in dark frosty recesses in the office basement, the detached Researcher sustains itself on dried meats (Slim Jims), simple carbohydrates (Moon pies, and Goo-Goo Clusters) and consuming mass quantities of Diet Mountain Dew.

When approaching a Researcher it is custom to NEVER make direct eye contact with them, as this only provokes them and possibly lead to half uploaded resumes, profiles without contact info, extremely large size file attachments chewing up precious Outlook storage, massive amounts of irrelevant resume data or nothing at until your job is at least 160 days old and in the red.


The Researcher is overlooked due to its obscure nature but the most sought after for large agencies and corporate recruiting departments dependent on Taleo, and Avature. Yes, it’s the Researcher that is always in demand, and for those that are brave enough to talk to him/her in the gloomy shadows far far away down the Halls of Talent Acquisition  – you will find them working and stuffing your ATS with candidates that you will never ever call or email.


Dude, Where is My Cube!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been here before: The front receptionist calls. Your new hire is waiting in the lobby since 7:30 AM and he doesn’t know where to go because nobody told him. The Receptionist and your new hire are looking at you like you’re a complete D-bag. You have a no choice. You take the blame when it’s really the hiring manager’s fault. So hey, it get’s even worse. You make your way through the halls to the manager’s office and he hasn’t even shown up for work yet and it’s already 10 AM. Again, you have no choice. You make up some lame story for the hiring manager and drop him off at a co-worker’s cube.

Finally, you get back to your cube so you can eat your chewy cold bagel, drink your coffee (that smells like a liquid fart), and catch up on Facebook. But, Hell No! Your phone rings. You answer the call you learn that the new dude doesn’t have a cube. Well, Crap Snacks!

This happens all the time to new hires. No matter what, Recruiters are always to blame. The Hiring Manager is pissed. The New Hire is already got a bad attitude. The Receptionist’s day is ruined and here comes your boss wandering what the hell happened.

Recruiters need to let go. Once a candidate’s accepts, background finished, paperwork is completed, and etc. THEN they are done. it’s HR and the Hiring Manager’s responsibility for orientation, training, cube assignment and etc.

Problem is that recruiters are constantly getting dumped on. And in the end, they have a hard time filling candidates in a timely manner.

Here are three easy steps to get HR and Hiring Managers to take ownership of the FIRST DAY for new hires.

1)   Put a calendar invite with detailed instructions on what they need to have done for their new teammate, which includes cube or office assignment.

2)   Put an invite on HR calendar so they know who is starting that day.

3)   Designate an area that has fresh coffee, water and some things they might want on their first day and let the Receptionist know in advance that is where the new hires can hang out.

What the hell does this have to do with Sourcing you ask? A lot. Recruiters don’t need to deal with a new hire’s first day. They need to be sourcing and calling people. Instead of dude, where’s my cube calls. Really! Recruiters have important things to do like searching for candidates on the Internet and Facebook and stuff.

How to Improve your Employee Referral Program

Summertime in New York City

Some time ago I worked for a company and the VP of HR just flat out said he didn’t believe in having an Employee Referral program. He said never had any success in it and it was a waste of time, money and resources.  Wow. I couldn’t believe it.  I tried to explain how an ER program works, he just shook his head no and foolishly dismissed it. And what made matters worse at the time was the ENORMOUS attrition, a revolving door, massive hiring needs and he had no problem in paying agency fees.


I learned something back then. I will never recruit for a company that does not have an ER program implemented or at least willing to implement one.






Here are 3 ways to improve your ER program.


Have one recruiter dedicated to ALL employee referrals. This person will handle EVERY resume that comes in the door, through email, tracking systems even the dusty yellowish fax machine. When resumes are flying all around recruiters’ inboxes, it’s easy for them to get lost into thin air. Therefore, having one recruiter who TOUCHES every resume referral minimizes the “Ooops” when recruiters forget to call. Plus, it does your company some harm when recruiters fail to contact an ER especially when it’s from higher ups, like say the CTO.


The ER program should have rules in place and those rules need to be easily found for all employees. The ER program rules needs to define the payouts, who is eligible for ER payout, and how to refer to someone. Most companies have rules but they are never followed and in the end, someone doesn’t get paid… and recruiter is usually blamed. To avoid resume referral issues, you have to SEND OUT the program rules every time someone is referred.


Rankings. Yeah, I said it. I know. Every large company has some ranking system in place like, Employee Performance Rankings. We all detest them. I know I do. But, your ER program needs a ranking system. Otherwise you will never know what areas you need to improve. So for example, rank the departments that have consistently given referrals and the success of hiring those referrals.  From that point on you, rankings will allow you to raise the bar on your ER program.


So, there it is friends. I have not done much lately on Glennlist but I wanted to get something out there that is a hot topic in the Recruiting and HR communities.  And it is true, recruiters… we are hiring again!

MREC – The New Mobile Recruiter

pagerBe honest. You had a pager once. Admit it. It was your alarm clock in the morning. You had proudly clipped it on your belt everyday. You asked all your clients, candidates and friends to page you. You were a sophisticated jet setting recruiter. If only your pager were a human, you would’ve made love to it nightly.

Then one day somebody got a mobile phone. You had to have one too. It was huge and weighed 15 pounds but you didn’t care, you bought it anyways. Your first bill came. You needed to make cutbacks in other areas. You tried to cancel your Columbia House CD club. No go. Locked in on that one. So, you dumped your girlfriend.

Then over the years, you went from the Motorola Star-tac, to a flip phone, and then to a cell phone so tiny only a midget could use it.

Then the Blackberry came. Thank you All Mighty Heavenly Father. The Blackberry consumed your life like crack cocaine. Your friends quit calling. Your wife filed for divorce once…maybe twice… you can’t remember, your kids talked to you like a stranger in the house.

The iPhone came. You were there waiting in line. You paid $600 for the first model. This was it. No longer were you going to need another phone. Your prayers had been answered. Everyone gathered around you as you gave them a demo of it.

A year later, the battery died. You bought a replacement phone for only $500 and it had a 2 megapixel camera! This was it. You were set. But, then they released Android and another iPhone about every 6 months. But you held on to your iPhone until you “accidentally” dropped it while following a work out from from one of the many fitness apps downloaded.

Then the mother of all motherly mothers of a mobile device descended from the heavenly iClouds. Yes. The iPad. It will be yours and yours only and NO ONE will be allowed to touch it especially the kids. A month later you’re kid drops the iPad after 12 hours of watching Fineas and Ferb. You buy another one with a bullet proof case, and then another one for the kids and then another one just for movies.

And it goes on and on and on. New technology, new phone, shiny new colors and features and long lines to get the latest version.

The Mobile Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

I was at MREC  (Atlanta) and did a presentation on some Apps like using Nimble as a CRM. But here is the deal. The one thing that I learned is that Mobile technology is changing too rapidly. Sure, we have two dominant platforms, Android and iOS, but there are other platforms like FireFox. Yes, FireFox has an OS (sign up for it). But as mobile technology evolves, recruiters are benefiting from all the advancements in this space. Also, MREC is not just for recruiters, it’s a conference for the companies that want to develop a successful mobile product for 50 billion dollar recruiting industry. Like the impressive CareerBuilder App. They actually spent some time and dollars on creating an App that works for candidates and recruiters. After using their App, I wouldn’t want to login to another career website ev-er…it was that good. But there were lot of companies that had an App they were pushing or a mobile optimized website. These companies are in the game, they get it, more than 60% of ALL IP TRAFFIC will be from mobile devices in the next few years!!

Sure, every recruiting conference is about the same topic, tools and using it with their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). MREC is a different in this area. While I was there, EVERY recruiter wanted to know how they can tie in Mobile technology with their existing ATS. But we all learned that you CAN’T. Every ATS is not mobile optimized AND jobseekers are starting to use their phone to search for jobs with “Throw Away” apps. By the way, I call them throw away Apps because the user might just use the App for a short period and then delete it later. At MREC we learned that this technology is changing and the ATS will have to change or embrace extinction.

If you missed MREC, then you will have to wait until next year. But by next year there will be more companies with more Apps, tools, methods, ideas, devices, platforms, and more recruiters showing how to use it all. It’s a mobile world. Time to stop playing and start doing.


2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference – WHY You Need To Go!

Summertime in New York CityYou think you know everything about Recruiting until something new comes along and then you’re embarrassed and like, “um, yeah yeah, I knew about that App” but you really didn’t. What’s even more embarrassing is that you have a team of Recruiters that sit in a cube all day getting beat up by a mob of hiring managers. Weekly. Daily. Hourly too. And why?  Because you and you’re A-team Recruiters submitted some crusty old candidates to get the Hiring Managers off your case while you try and complete Level 65 on Candy Crush (damn you Candy Crush!).

This is the deal. Things change. And ten years from now, we’re all going to look back on the tired sad recruiting methods that we thought were so cutting edge (fax machines, email, job boards) and we’ll say, WHY?! Look, don’t be that guy, that recruiter, or manager asking Why all the time? Now is the time to start asking “How”?

How can I be a better recruiter? How can I find candidates? How can I build a Recruiting strategy that actually works without being driven by metrics and micromanagement?

The answer is mobile technology. Everything is moving to the Cloud and integrated into other platforms.  Time to kick that 100K ATS to the curb and empower your recruiters with Mobile apps that connect your jobs to the actual talent.

One September 23, don’t be in your cube explaining to your boss WHY you can’t find those candidates, instead head on over to the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta, GA.  MREC 2013 is a must-attend event that has all the thought leaders from companies like Amazon, Linkedin, UPS, Adobe, Accenture, Pepsico, and many more.

Stop explaining WHY you can’t find talent and start learning HOW to use latest tools and technology to find talent.  MREC 2013 event details are here. See ya there.

New Recruiting Tool: Mention

   Mention is my new favorite tool for Twitter. It is Google Alerts on steroids. Mention is useful because it offers web alerts for brands, companies and individuals to track what is being said about them. I really like it as a recruiting tool too because I can setup Keywords for certain skills. Perfect for stalking IT developers!

Right now, I am using their free trial version. After the trial ends I won’t be able to monitor but just a few keywords; however, a few keywords is enough to stay on top of a lot of the recruiting news that is out there on Social Media sites.

Check it out, and Mention @Glennlist if you like it.



How to Quickly Source Candidates

Glennlist Sourcing EyeOne day your Boss strolls into your cube and says, “we (meaning you) need to hire 10 Java Developers in a month.” Suddenly you panic, hyperventilate, grow dizzy, faint, then wake up and shout in a Scottish-like Scotty Star Trek sort of way…”I can’t do it! We need more Recruiting Power!” Then you get a very brief job description that says candidates will need to work weekends, do TPS reports, and bug fixes for a low-low salary range (like 30% below market value).


It will take a lot of research time to do a Linkedin campaign, Boolean searches, and direct phone sourcing. You need to act fast. The hiring managers are hungry for resumes. You need to go the Job Boards and find the active job seekers first. However, you might be wasting a lot of time unless you do it this way.

Starting with the job boards, call the right candidates NOT the wrong ones. If you can’t use 3rd party resumes, you will need to learn how to spot them and avoid calling them (see my posts on 3rd party resumes). Looking at online resumes is frustrating and it takes time. You gotta grab a little tool that I learned from Eric Jaquith. It’s called ClipMate.

Very simple. You download. Set it up. Then assign the keys to capture (or copy) the data. Login to your job board, run a search, view a resume and then use ClipMate to capture the resume as a .txt file. Viola!

Here is what you do next in your ClipMate tool:

Export those resumes onto your hard drive. View each resume as a text file and determine the best of the bunch. This saves time rather than doing it online and waiting for each resume page to refresh.

Now that you captured resumes using the ClipMate tool, you should have some solid active candidate names that you can search for on Linkedin to find their co-workers. At some point, you will need to move from active channels to passive channels so that you have a variety of candidates.  And, it will be your job to keep stalking them, calling them, emailing them hourly, daily and weekly until you fill all your positions so you can continue to pay for Visa bills. Voted World’s Best Recruiting Blog

Okay, I’m not in any official Top 10 lists for recruiting blogs. I don’t blame you for not voting for me or tweeting (retweeting) my posts. But, do you know what is going on here? I never ever had any formal recruiting training. Let me put is this way, you should be spending the rest of your summer coming to read some of the crap stuff posts because I am testing new tools, throwing all my research into mobile recruiting apps, and all the other recruiting stuff out there that needs to be covered so you can be a kick ass recruiter.


So here it is readers (Mom, Dad)…the best recruiting tools, methods and sales pitches you can dream of…all of this and more. And, we will get to the bottom of the latest people aggregators, job sites, and nerdy ass Boolean logic you dream about every day.


So let me close with a little tip. Did you know if you run an Advanced Search on Linkedin that you can send an Invite to Connect with just about anyone? But if you click on the personal profile of a 2nd or 3rd level Connection, then you can’t send them an invite unless you have their email address. Enjoy it while it lasts! I’m sure it will change.

3rd Party Resumes and the Blind Eye Job Boards

photo3Here is a new trend. Actually it’s an old one but it wasn’t as common then as it is now. You get all your recruiters a job board license and tell them to fetch some active candidates and they come back with nothing. Recruiting managers are baffled. How can so many recruiters not-find-a-single-resume-from-all-the-paid-job-boards? Well…that’s because all the active candidates on the job boards are 3rd party resumes. In fact, it’s so bad now these staffing companies have gone to putting up old resumes without phone numbers and a “temporary” email address.

If you’re a recruiter that has access to expensive job boards, then you know how frustrating it is to keep constantly getting 3rd party candidates and to add to the problem, if you email the candidate you are guaranteed to get on their spam list of “available candidates”.

These agencies have come up with some creative names similar sounding famous people to grab your attention. Names like Brad Putt, Tom Banks, and I even saw Tim TeHaw.

Here is my advice. Never email them. Just call them first.  If you decide to leave a message, then don’t leave your full name or your company name.

I hope that enough recruiters will complain to their account reps about this blatant bait and switch tactic. In fact, I think the future job boards will be destroyed if they don’t act quick enough. Most of your high skilled professionals are starting to avoid job boards because of all the crap they get called or emailed with. Same thing for the recruiters too, we are getting tired of all these 3rd party resumes. The job boards have recently turned a blind eye to these imposter resumes because it adds to their resume volume.  It’s a very bad path that is hard to turn back from unless something is done soon.

The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Shirt (must have for recruiters)

Two ways to look at recruiters. One who has the power of The Mountain Three Wolf Moon mindset and everyone else. What’s the difference between these two recruiters? Simple. One is easily able to exude confidence over the phone while wearing the The Mountain Three Wolf Moon Tee and while the others seem to stammer nervously explaining to their hiring managers they can’t find talent.

Look, if you don’t have Mountain Three Wolf Moon tee, then you need to get some confidence stupid. Maybe you don’t have a Wal-Mart near you or it’s too cold to where you live to wear a T-shirt right now. That’s ok. What you should probably do is sign up for SourceCon. You can get some recruitment training. You can learn something about sourcing candidates at SourceCon without having to always wear The Mountain Three Wolf t-shirt. SourceCon is in Atlanta. Sign up and howl at the moon. You just got  hires reading this awe inspiring blog post.

The Ric Flair of Recruiting – Styling and Profiling

Hey, recruiters! You know what we have become? A nation of robots! No. Wait. Actually, a nation of wimpy-ass robots! Every morning you get your marching orders for the day. You’re asked to pull people out of companies. You’re asked to source candidates from tech forums. They want you to build relationships (online mind you) with passive candidates that aren’t looking just so that one day they ever decide to leave their company, you’ll be Johnny-on-the-spot ready to roll out the red carpet. Do you do all this crap? You betcha sweet ass you do. And, you know what? This chews up a lot frickin time. A LOT of time that you probably will never get paid for and when you’re on death bed wondering where all the time went…well it actually went to trying to find someone to come work for company for the same damn salary and the same benefits. You know how hard that is? Of course you do. But your hiring managers don’t. And they don’t give a frog’s fat ass either. They just want someone that’s a rock star at Wal-Mart salaries.


So, I want to give you some inspiration.  I want you to have some swagger. Some…some…balls! Yeah, there I said it. I want you to be the Ric Flair of Recruiting. Now, if you’re like me a kid that grew up in the 80’s then you should know this wrestler. He was full of himself. He was proud and arrogant and he was also the World Champion Wrestler. And, he tooted his horn when he won!

You need to be more like Ric Flair these days when you get a hire. Let everyone know you’re good…you’re damn good. And, you need to be proud of your work. You need to be like Ric Flair when you talk about your bidndess.

Woo! And, enjoy.

What Happens When Your Job is Canceled

NYC Canceled MarathonJust as I was boarding the plane to New York, they canceled the NYC Marathon that evening. My wife had trained all year long. We thought that the race might be canceled but were very optimistic on Friday morning that the race was still on. Sometimes jobs are canceled in the 11th hour and that causes a huge let down for recruiters. What do you tell the candidates that just interviewed or the ones that were about to get an offer? How do you keep recruiters going after a big let down? Why wasn’t the job canceled long before?

There are a million reasons why jobs are canceled last minute and yet nobody catches more blame than recruiters for them. I’ve worked on jobs that were so urgent that even recruiting managers were fretting over them but in the last minute they were canceled for the lamest reasons. And to make it even worse, the jobs were reopened a month later and the hiring manager doesn’t understand why none of the interviewed candidates are still available.

Sometimes jobs are canceled last minute and there is no way to avoid them. It just happens. But when they do occur, it causes a ripple effect in recruiting. It’s better to ask a lot of questions up front to verify if the job is solid. To avoid the sketchy jobs, look for signs (i.e. waiting for approval, or weak job details) that potentially lead to cancellations.

Yeah, they canceled the ING Marathon in New York at the last minute. But we still went anyways. And recruiters will do the same, they will work it even when it’s 50/50 chance it’s canceled.  They will work a req knowing that it will probably be canceled because it’s far better to have resumes for a job than risk not having candidates at all.

On a positive note, a lot of the runners ran the race anyways in Central park. It was touching to see people out there giving it all they had. I saw a blind man being led. Teams of runners from other countries ran with their flags. Runners for their charities ran. Folks that had trained all year long ran AND without any water stations, and large masses cheering them on they ran it too. It was just a small crowd of people that kept running the race and a small group of us that cheered them along the way. That may have been the best marathon that NYC never saw, dedicated folks that kept on running even when the race was called off. They say NYC never sleeps, it never quits too.

***I’ll have some pics of the runners on another page once I get them loaded up.

10 Steps to Build a Talent Pipeline

Hey, recruiters! When the economy is down the people you meet typically say “Oh my God! You’re a recruiter?!” and then they ask for your help. When the economy is up, the people you meet might look at you and think, “My gawd. Another recruiter!” and then dive behind a large office planter until you leave. We have that kind of reputation. People either love us or hate us. It’s true. To make matters worse. Recruiters don’t return calls when the job economy is down and they can’t get candidates to return calls when the job demand is up.


When the economy is down, recruiters need to keep making calls EVEN if when they are not hiring. It’s important to build a strong talent pipeline before things pick back up in order to increase call backs and candidate responses.

Here is a simple step by step plan to build a talent pipeline

  1. Meet with hiring manager and get all the facts on the job opening like the top 3 skills.
  2. Research similar jobs in the market to help you create an appealing job description
  3. Post the jobs to right target audience like on Linkedin groups and niche boards
  4. Automate overnight searches on the resume databases for active candidates (use tools like Infogist).
  5. Develop Boolean search strings that are saved as bookmarks or saved as an RSS feed.
  6. Use the email signatures in Outlook and save your best emails that promote your job.
  7. Keep making phone calls to candidates that haven’t returned your calls.
  8. Go into your ATS and review all the resumes and call the ones that are qualified.
  9. Search your database on a regular basis and email those candidates.
  10. Call it day, work out, eat some dinner or have a brew and decompress.

*** For those that are not recruiters, then you always need to be looking. Sorry to say that but the times have changed. This is what we’ve become. Expensive homes, food, and school are just a few reasons that people should always consider new opportunities to avoid being left behind in career and salary growth. And call us back!

Doostang Acquires JobFox

Job board aggregators, how to put this delicately, are rip-offs. I mentioned JobFox once because they were using my jobs without my permission to load up their resume database.  Job seekers accused JobFox of running a rip-off resume writing service too. They got hit with lawsuits. They seemed to be a revolving door sales folks and Veeps. Now they are gone but not really…they are now part of Doostang. And it appears that Doostang is just picking up where JobFox left off.

My guess is that a lot of these “job board” aggregator services will go the same path of JobFox because they will have to beef up their resume database to stay in business. They will have to create “ways” for companies to use their service too (like a resume writing service).  In my opinion, job posting aggregator providers do more harm than good to recruiters. I would encourage HR managers to spend budget dollars on a junior recruiter rather than job posting services. Indeed, we need to hire more recruiters and stop wasting HR budgets on things that just don’t work.

How to See 3rd Level Connections on Linkedin – for FREE

I wrote an article not too long ago about Linkedin charging for every little thing including being able to see 3rd level connections. I think this was a huge mistake for Linkedin because most of their users don’t have 500+ connections and they wouldn’t want to pay a monthly fee either. The rest of us have thousands of connections but it seems the majority of those connections are in the city where we live. Thus, we get a lot of 3rd level connections outside of our location. But, did you know you can see the full name of a 3rd level connection? It’s very easy.

  • Click on a 3rd level connection. Here is an example of a 3rd level connection. Donald lives in Austin and I live in Atlanta.
  • donald-w
  • Now take a look at the URL for Donald W.
  • donald-url-11
  • You see where it says “Out of Network”? All you have to do is remove everything after his ID.  So, click and place mouse cursor starting & symbol and highlight the rest of the URL and then just delete it.
  • You should be left the URL below. You want to make sure you delete everything after his ID.
  • donald-url-2
  • Now you just hit Enter with URL you just adjusted. The screen will refresh and then you simply click on the drop down arrow next Send Donald an InMail (see below).
  • donald-drop-dwn-menu
  • And then you just click on Export to PDF. Once you download or open Donald’s PDF you can his full name (see below).
  • click-on-export-to-pdf
  • If you want to learn more, I’ll be at the HR Star Conference in Atlanta on October 11th and will be glad to show a lot of these little tricks.

How to Become a True IT Recruiter – To Herd the Nerd You Must be the Nerd

I was part of an undercover IT recruiting task force back in the late 90’s. My job was to infiltrate a .NET user Meetup. Get to know them, befriend them and eventually recruit them. But then, something went terribly wrong that night. It was trivia night at a pizza parlor. And, I had zero knowledge of current Sci-fi TV shows, video gaming, Fantasy books, programming or anything nerdy. So when a Battlestar Galactica question came up (It was supposed to be easy), it did me in. I was exposed. They found out I was a recruiter! Most IT professionals do not like to mix with recruiters outside of an interview room much less pizza trivia night.

So, I will share the steps you need to take to become a geeky-nerdy IT Recruiter so you can go hang out with IT folks after a meetup.

MOVIES: Rent Stargate, Firefly and X-files. These TV shows will build a good foundation and be your starting point.
GAMES: Start off with Sim City and then tackle hardcore stuff like World of Warcraft but by the hammer of the Thor, do not, I repeat do not jump into Dungeons and Dragons first.
READ: Lord of the Rings. It’s is your bible. Study it and learn it.

At this point you should notice some physical changes in your body. Lack of sun and exercise should be evident as well as some alienation among your social circles.

SPACE: Carl Sagan, refer to him at least once a week.
GRAHPS and CHARTS: Create pie charts of real obscure things like caffeine content on various sodas.
WARDROBE: Shoes choices are Converse for play and Rockport for dress. Sorry ladies absolutely no heels. T-shirts must be worn 24/7.
GADGETS: The more the better! Having an iPhone is ok, but you better off using Android.

This is where you might want to drop out. Just hang in there. But, at this stage you should be completely isolated, pasty white and prefer nocturnal activities.

BUILD: You can either opt for some figurines like lead Dragons to paint or you can go real nerdy and build a Lego icon of Homer Simpson.

At this point, you’re out of the dating scene

ACTIVITIES: Nothing screams geek like a Renaissance festival and Sci-fi convention. Go full costume and stay in character the entire time.

If you are married – you will need a marriage counselor. No. Scratch that. You will need a divorce attorney on your speed dial.

DOCUMENTATION. You must document everything in Pictures and geo-tag them.

So there you have it. With these 10 steps you should be on the road to success. Without them you have zero Greek Cred and will be forced to rely on job postings as your only recruiting source.