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10 Steps to Build a Talent Pipeline

Hey, recruiters! When the economy is down the people you meet typically say “Oh my God! You’re a recruiter?!” and then they ask for your help. When the economy is up, the people you meet might look at you and think, “My gawd. Another recruiter!” and then dive behind a large office planter until you leave. We have that kind of reputation. People either love us or hate us. It’s true. To make matters worse. Recruiters don’t return calls when the job economy is down and they can’t get candidates to return calls when the job demand is up.


When the economy is down, recruiters need to keep making calls EVEN if when they are not hiring. It’s important to build a strong talent pipeline before things pick back up in order to increase call backs and candidate responses.

Here is a simple step by step plan to build a talent pipeline

  1. Meet with hiring manager and get all the facts on the job opening like the top 3 skills.
  2. Research similar jobs in the market to help you create an appealing job description
  3. Post the jobs to right target audience like on Linkedin groups and niche boards
  4. Automate overnight searches on the resume databases for active candidates (use tools like Infogist).
  5. Develop Boolean search strings that are saved as bookmarks or saved as an RSS feed.
  6. Use the email signatures in Outlook and save your best emails that promote your job.
  7. Keep making phone calls to candidates that haven’t returned your calls.
  8. Go into your ATS and review all the resumes and call the ones that are qualified.
  9. Search your database on a regular basis and email those candidates.
  10. Call it day, work out, eat some dinner or have a brew and decompress.

*** For those that are not recruiters, then you always need to be looking. Sorry to say that but the times have changed. This is what we’ve become. Expensive homes, food, and school are just a few reasons that people should always consider new opportunities to avoid being left behind in career and salary growth. And call us back!

About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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