Whip your recruiters into shape before this summer.

mg_beard2I’m a guy. A dude. And, like most dudes we look at ourselves in the mirror and we think we’re Brad Pitt handsome, buff, and our mate is soooo lucky to have us. Heck, I think I’m like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. But, my wife says I’m more like the short red hairy dwarf character. “Gimli the dwarf I am not!” I exclaim from my comfy sofa with remote in hand. Okay, it’s true my recruiting brothers. Some of us are a little out of shape, BUT the same thing can be said about our recruiting knowledge.

We think  our sourcing department is in top notch recruiting shape. It looks fine! But, in reality it’s not. Our recruiting department is like a sad sack of an out of shape middle age balding fat guy reaching for another donut in the break room (nom nom nom nom). Sure we have some great memories of the good ole days (nom nom nom) but eventually recruiting will slow down (nom nom) and fall apart. Take a look around and see if you notice the following:

Do you have to BUY MORE job postings than ever before?

You have to MANY recruiters NOT recruiting?

Got a lot of jobs that are OLDER than 90 days?

Right now, I’m fortunate to work with some of the best recruiters and recruiting managers. I’m learning a lot from them. They also will invest in training and ensure that recruiters are equipped with the latest tools, technology and resources available.

I’m talking about training. You need a trainer. Time to get that recruiting department back into shape, Sparky!

Check out this website, called Recruitingtrends. This is a good place to get your recruiting efforts organized, strategic, and efficient again.  Some of the best of the best share their recruiting strategies. It’s time to whip your sourcing back into shape this spring. Go to recruitingtrends.com. It’s like boot camp without all the shouting and pulled muscles.

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Michael Glenn

I am a Recruiter, Sourcer and Recruiting Consultant that lives in Atlanta. I specialize in contingency placement, contractors, sourcing strategies, staffing plans, lead generation and a variety of recruitment services. If you would like to contact me, then add me on Linkedin or Twitter @Glennlist.

One thought on “Whip your recruiters into shape before this summer.”

  1. Really i loved the lede lines…

    Recruitment plays a very huge role in any organization, and having good recruiters is very good, but its very hard to find good recruiters…

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