How Recruiters Can Use their iPad at Work

Come on admit it. The first time you got your iPad you took it everywhere with you. You toted it to your kid’s baseball game (yawn), into restaurants, the beach, Disney World, and yes even in the bathroom. Admit it, you did. But, did you ever whip out the iPad at the office and actually use it for work purposes? My guess is that you have threshold of nerdiness and using a iPad instead of your laptop might get you labeled as the office goober, but all that is about to change my recruiting brethren. Yes! I implore you to take your tablet to work and use it instead of your laptop!

Here is how you can get your geek on using your iPad at work.

You’ll need to plop down $9.95/month for GoToMyPC on your work computer or home computer. The GoToMyPc app for iPad is free. Once you install the software on your computer and load the app on your iPad, you are now in control…anywhere and everywhere you want to be you can access your computer!

Next, load up on the proper office apps. Start out using Apple’s own Pages, Numbers and Keynote if you want to work off an iMac or MacBook. Let me say, using Mac apps is good idea because they are integrated into iCloud and are automatically synced. Otherwise Quickoffice Pro is an excellent iPad app and you can always use Dropbox, Evernote or even Google Docs/Drive to stay synced with your computer.

Now, why would you want to use your iPad instead of your laptop or computer?

An iPad is cheaper than a laptop or computer. You are ultra portable with an iPad so you can be in a conference and actually pull up reports on your iPad or even run a search on resumes from a client meeting.

Plus, as we move more to Cloud based systems, it makes sense to work from an iPad which is simply a screen to all your files and applications that is securely stored on a server. Finally, you are a recruiter and recruiters are just nerdy and what better way to show the office your nerdy ways…AND will never be outdone by stuffy HR managers that just got on Facebook!

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