The Ric Flair of Recruiting – Styling and Profiling

Hey, recruiters! You know what we have become? A nation of robots! No. Wait. Actually, a nation of wimpy-ass robots! Every morning you get your marching orders for the day. You’re asked to pull people out of companies. You’re asked to source candidates from tech forums. They want you to build relationships (online mind you) with passive candidates that aren’t looking just so that one day they ever decide to leave their company, you’ll be Johnny-on-the-spot ready to roll out the red carpet. Do you do all this crap? You betcha sweet ass you do. And, you know what? This chews up a lot frickin time. A LOT of time that you probably will never get paid for and when you’re on death bed wondering where all the time went…well it actually went to trying to find someone to come work for company for the same damn salary and the same benefits. You know how hard that is? Of course you do. But your hiring managers don’t. And they don’t give a frog’s fat ass either. They just want someone that’s a rock star at Wal-Mart salaries.


So, I want to give you some inspiration.  I want you to have some swagger. Some…some…balls! Yeah, there I said it. I want you to be the Ric Flair of Recruiting. Now, if you’re like me a kid that grew up in the 80’s then you should know this wrestler. He was full of himself. He was proud and arrogant and he was also the World Champion Wrestler. And, he tooted his horn when he won!

You need to be more like Ric Flair these days when you get a hire. Let everyone know you’re good…you’re damn good. And, you need to be proud of your work. You need to be like Ric Flair when you talk about your bidndess.

Woo! And, enjoy.

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Michael Glenn

I am a Recruiter, Sourcer and Recruiting Consultant that lives in Atlanta. I specialize in contingency placement, contractors, sourcing strategies, staffing plans, lead generation and a variety of recruitment services. If you would like to contact me, then add me on Linkedin or Twitter @Glennlist.

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