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Okay, I’m not in any official Top 10 lists for recruiting blogs. I don’t blame you for not voting for me or tweeting (retweeting) my posts. But, do you know what is going on here? I never ever had any formal recruiting training. Let me put is this way, you should be spending the rest of your summer coming to read some of the crap stuff posts because I am testing new tools, throwing all my research into mobile recruiting apps, and all the other recruiting stuff out there that needs to be covered so you can be a kick ass recruiter.


So here it is readers (Mom, Dad)…the best recruiting tools, methods and sales pitches you can dream of…all of this and more. And, we will get to the bottom of the latest people aggregators, job sites, and nerdy ass Boolean logic you dream about every day.


So let me close with a little tip. Did you know if you run an Advanced Search on Linkedin that you can send an Invite to Connect with just about anyone? But if you click on the personal profile of a 2nd or 3rd level Connection, then you can’t send them an invite unless you have their email address. Enjoy it while it lasts! I’m sure it will change.

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Michael Glenn

I am a Recruiter, Sourcer and Recruiting Consultant that lives in Atlanta. I specialize in contingency placement, contractors, sourcing strategies, staffing plans, lead generation and a variety of recruitment services. If you would like to contact me, then add me on Linkedin or Twitter @Glennlist.

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