2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference – WHY You Need To Go!

Summertime in New York CityYou think you know everything about Recruiting until something new comes along and then you’re embarrassed and like, “um, yeah yeah, I knew about that App” but you really didn’t. What’s even more embarrassing is that you have a team of Recruiters that sit in a cube all day getting beat up by a mob of hiring managers. Weekly. Daily. Hourly too. And why?  Because you and you’re A-team Recruiters submitted some crusty old candidates to get the Hiring Managers off your case while you try and complete Level 65 on Candy Crush (damn you Candy Crush!).

This is the deal. Things change. And ten years from now, we’re all going to look back on the tired sad recruiting methods that we thought were so cutting edge (fax machines, email, job boards) and we’ll say, WHY?! Look, don’t be that guy, that recruiter, or manager asking Why all the time? Now is the time to start asking “How”?

How can I be a better recruiter? How can I find candidates? How can I build a Recruiting strategy that actually works without being driven by metrics and micromanagement?

The answer is mobile technology. Everything is moving to the Cloud and integrated into other platforms.  Time to kick that 100K ATS to the curb and empower your recruiters with Mobile apps that connect your jobs to the actual talent.

One September 23, don’t be in your cube explaining to your boss WHY you can’t find those candidates, instead head on over to the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta, GA.  MREC 2013 is a must-attend event that has all the thought leaders from companies like Amazon, Linkedin, UPS, Adobe, Accenture, Pepsico, and many more.

Stop explaining WHY you can’t find talent and start learning HOW to use latest tools and technology to find talent.  MREC 2013 event details are here. See ya there.

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Michael Glenn

I am a Recruiter, Sourcer and Recruiting Consultant that lives in Atlanta. I specialize in contingency placement, contractors, sourcing strategies, staffing plans, lead generation and a variety of recruitment services. If you would like to contact me, then add me on Linkedin or Twitter @Glennlist.

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