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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Job Aggregators

You know how it is: You’ve got tons of job reqs, angry hiring managers, and a boss that constantly wants updates on critical openings. You had coffee this morning. You worked through lunch, and you’re multi-tasking between sourcing resumes and calling candidates. You’re in a groove. The last thing you want to do is bail on your sourcing routine to review applicants that applied online. You know almost all of them are going to be unqualified. What you OUGHT to do is pull your job postings from job aggregators like Indeed.com

That’s right! Cut the feed to job aggregators like Indeed.com because it is a huge waste of time and here’s why.

Companies use job distribution software and shotgun blast their jobs all over the web. Indeed picks up job those job feeds. For example, run a keyword skill for a Project Manager in Chicago. You can get a hundred PM jobs. They all look the same. It’s laughable to think if recruiters post jobs everywhere that qualified candidates will apply in droves.

Currently, job seekers are shying away from Indeed.com because they know it’s a “black hole”. And, the amount of time it takes for a candidate to apply to couple of jobs, can take hours. It’s a waste of their time. You already know that all job seekers use Linkedin and then they use major job boards (like Monster) as soon as they get a whiff of pink slips.

Corporate recruiters don’t have time to disposition unqualified candidates off job reqs but they are required to do it. Recruiters are managing 20 to 30 reqs at a time! And, if 2 or 3 unqualified applicants apply to each job req, that could be 90 unqualified candidates. So, the amount of time it takes to review resumes from places like Indeed.com….just cut the feed, and cut the crap. Plain and simple!

Agency recruiters have more opportunities to build relationships with passive candidates because most corporate recruiters don’t have the time to do it. Successful agencies tap into talent communities rather than weed through unqualified candidates that trickle in from job aggregators like Indeed. Time is of the essence. Time is money. If it takes too much time, then money is lost. Thus, if it takes more time to weed through Indeed.com resumes than tapping into the database, then commissions vanish.

So, remove the obstacles. Stop blasting your job out there like a Spam. It’s time to stop wasting time and money. Build a strategy that works and stop crossing your fingers…hoping…praying that someone with all the right stuff will pick your job out hundreds. They won’t. They never will.

About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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  1. Is this your first day on the internet?

  2. Cool blog. You clearly are very credited in determining the best place to advertise jobs…

    QUESTION, if Indeed.com is a black whole, why are they the leading source of hires in the US?

  3. Have you seen any recent studies by huge ATS’s like iCIMS, OpenHire, and ZipRecruiter? Indeed is generating more hires than all of the job boards combined… good thought but if you do some research this argument simply does not hold water.

  4. What are the 4 reasons? I was promised 4 reasons.

  5. Frank Maniscalco


    There is absolutely no data backing up anything you wrote here. Can you provide some unbiased 3rd party studies or any other supplemental information?

    Did you happen to work for Monster at some point? Most of my fellow recruiters don’t believe that Monster is a viable tool anymore.


  6. Thanks for the article. You must be gainfully UNemployed and can’t find a job. Get a real job instead of blogging.

  7. Everything I read in the industry points back to Indeed. They are the most searched job site in the world and the source of hire reviews are off the charts. I’ve used Indeed to get my last 3 positions and have had amazing results for my own recruiting efforts. What am I missing?

  8. ..I don’t think the Flip over at SilkRoad appreciates when Indeed sales reps pretend to be working for SilkRoad. You’re sort of D-bag there Jimmy Mc (cut and pasted)

    Submitted on 2012/09/26 at 5:07pm

  9. Bob Cobb (Inventor of the Cobb Salad)

    All opinion, zero facts. This guy belongs on fox news

  10. Awesome Bobb Cobb! Speaking of Fox…Indeed belongs with JobFox.

  11. I personally know of 2 Fortune 500 employers that have reported 30+% of their hires coming from Indeed. Where are you getting your information?

  12. There are benefits of job boards that should be considered… Many offer free job posting which will give exposure on that job board and all its visitors but will further enhance the audience for your jobs by feeding through to the job search engines and aggregators. We can’t leave job Aggregators Thanks for sharing great article !!

  13. Glenn- You understand TIME is your biggest asset… Thanks for sharing….

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