Now Recruiters Can Really STALK Candidates With This Tool – BUMP

I hate to admit this but (we) recruiters are just getting nerdier and nerdier as more recruiting tools are used to identify and track candidates. AND, we are becoming “stalkers” on networks like LinkedIn.  It’s scary too. Well, the latest nerdy-recruiting-stalker tool is Bump.  You’ve probably  been using this little phone App to exchange contact information. But did you know….did you really know what makes this App special? You can actually enter someone’s license plate into the Bump and if they have claimed their car’s license plate number you can actually send him/her a text!!!

It’s true. Download the Bump App for iPhone or Android. Once you registered you can enter someone’s license plate into the App and if they are registered you can send them a text or even a voice transcript text!

So, here is what you can really do. Let’s say you want to recruit from XYZ company, you  drive to their parking lot, and scan some of the license plates. If they are Bump users that claimed a license plate number, then you contact them. However, if you were really desperate to do something like this then you are probably more of a stalker than a recruiter.

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