Linkedin You Suck for Killing Pealk

Many years ago, recruiters flocked to Linkedin and amassed a 1st degree network equivalent to the population of Manhattan. The days of mass invites are over, gone, and shut off. Linkedin has become too restrictive. In fact, they limit the number of invites. And, now they are shutting off access to 3rd party websites like Pealk. Why? Because Linkedin sucks!

When I heard they pulled the plug on Pealk, that’s all I need to hear. Linkedin sucks.

Pealk rocked. It was great for recruiters who couldn’t afford a million dollar recruiter account. Linkedin realized it too late. Pealk was growing and it did something Linkedin didn’t like. It became popular. So, Linkedin shuts down their API access.

But haven’t you noticed that most of the 3rd party API applications never seem to work on Linkedin? Except for Slideshare, they bought them. All of these great 3rd party applications on Linkedin never seem to work half the time. I began to wonder. I tried to contact Linkedin to get help, but they wouldn’t help at all. They are like the North Korea of social networking sites.

The problem is that Linkedin is a publicly traded company and their business is charging you extremely high fees to network (or Spam) on Linkedin. They are ALL about squashing ANY competition. And, that is what happened to Pealk. They had a great product. So, Linkedin killed Pealk and killed off any company that got too popular.

Try using 3rd party applications to view Linkedin profiles, grow a large enough client base and all of sudden Linkedin will suspend the API. For crying out loud! Most of the people on Linkedin have PUBLIC profiles!!! Anyone can see their profile just by searching for them on Google.

Aside from all that, it appears a lot of popular recruiting websites are scared to talk about Linkedin, they have even pulled some of their recent articles criticizing Linkedin.

Linkedin, you suck!

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