Nimble is a Great Tool for Recruiters

I look back a year ago and my recommendations for recruiting tools seems like hit or miss. But, as we move more into mobile platforms and integrating mobile OS with social media sites, it makes sense to have a CRM on your mobile device. You got to be nimble these days and speaking of, this is a great tool for recruiters. I think it’s going to be a hit!

You can sign-up with a Google Business Account and grab the App there. Or, you can also just sign-up on the website. This amazing tool pulls in all the people you are connected with on Social Media Networking sites. You put one contact in the Nimble CRM and it will pull all the other social media feeds about that contact into the tool.

It’s a great tool for those that are Account Managers in staffing agencies. They can stalk all their client contacts and potential clients too. The tool pulls in phone numbers, email addresses, and even home address so you can even mail them a Christmas card and cheese basket.

Check out Nimble

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