How to See 3rd Level Connections on Linkedin – for FREE

I wrote an article not too long ago about Linkedin charging for every little thing including being able to see 3rd level connections. I think this was a huge mistake for Linkedin because most of their users don’t have 500+ connections and they wouldn’t want to pay a monthly fee either. The rest of us have thousands of connections but it seems the majority of those connections are in the city where we live. Thus, we get a lot of 3rd level connections outside of our location. But, did you know you can see the full name of a 3rd level connection? It’s very easy.

  • Click on a 3rd level connection. Here is an example of a 3rd level connection. Donald lives in Austin and I live in Atlanta.
  • donald-w
  • Now take a look at the URL for Donald W.
  • donald-url-11
  • You see where it says “Out of Network”? All you have to do is remove everything after his ID.  So, click and place mouse cursor starting & symbol and highlight the rest of the URL and then just delete it.
  • You should be left the URL below. You want to make sure you delete everything after his ID.
  • donald-url-2
  • Now you just hit Enter with URL you just adjusted. The screen will refresh and then you simply click on the drop down arrow next Send Donald an InMail (see below).
  • donald-drop-dwn-menu
  • And then you just click on Export to PDF. Once you download or open Donald’s PDF you can his full name (see below).
  • click-on-export-to-pdf
  • If you want to learn more, I’ll be at the HR Star Conference in Atlanta on October 11th and will be glad to show a lot of these little tricks.
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