An Open Letter to – Stop Forcing Recruiters to Upgrade!

Linkedin has become the craptastic tool for all recruiters and they have done something that is so wrong, so baseless,, backstabbing to every recruiter who has built Linkedin. Yes, it was recruiters who built this online network. It was recruiters who loaded up their entire contact database in hopes of sharing their contacts with other recruiters. And what do we get? What are we left with? A giant network that is painfully-frustratingly restrictive that now CHARGES us to network!  The decision to charge (upgrade) for 3rd level connections will come back to haunt Linkedin. Requiring recruiters to “upgrade” for $100 per month to make (and see full name) a connection to a 3rd level connection was the moment recruiters began looking elsewhere to find talent.

Never mind that they change the website too make it extremely difficult to actually network anymore. I can’t believe the stock price is high it is (or was).  Are they making any profit off this site yet? This practice of finding new ways to charge fees is worse than ATM fees or…or all those fees you get on your cell phone bill that jack up the price another 20 bucks. Come on Linkedin! Who do you think you are, Bank of America??

Recruiters, have they seen Google+ lately? I mean Google+ is like wide open without any restrictions. It’s like FREE. You like Free. They like free. Eveyone likes Free. We live in a free country…(singing)  Let freedom ring. Okay a bit corny there.

Google+ is doing it right. In fact, it’s become the newest place to network for recruiters. And you can bet your sweet arse that recruiters will build Google+ to be top dog of all social networking sites.  Did you know you can create a circle of contacts and share it with ANYONE and they can instantly add it to their circles?

If Linkedin keeps up with all those restrictive networking site changes by requiring everyone to upgrade to just network, then it will be gone in about 5 years. Trust me. It will. AOL wanted to charge everyone to just keep an email address, and now nobody uses it. They suck. They have to sale patents to keep the lights on.

I hope that Linkedin focuses on allowing people to network and stop..STOP frigging trying to find ways to charge for every little feature or force an upgrade BECAUSE I know that people will flock to a site that is free… like Google+

Linkedin, you better dance with the one brought you. Stop screwing up your website. Stop with all the latest force upgrades and STOP screwing over the recruiters that helped build you. Let us work.

BTW recruiters (or anyone reading this), please add me to your network. I promise to not DNK you.

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