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Bad Beards And Facial Hair Hiring Trends.

bad_beardIn the 70’s it was quite common to see men with thick bushy chest hair and a sporty moustache. Today, we are clean, shaven, groomed, waxed, and polished to a shiny gleam.

Hiring managers in Corporate America discriminate against men with moustaches and beards. Now I know a lot of you have some facial hair and you’re gonna get pissed after reading this. And Rightfully so. You worked hard to get that Justin Timberlake thin razor cut (aka The Rap Industry Standard).

But listen up my bearded buddies. If you’re interviewing for a Lumber Jack job, then keep that full beard that extends to a point.

Or if you’re going to be a Roadie for ZZ Top, a long beard is a sure way to get hired.

But if you’re Bob in Accounting, growing some mutton chops or a Fuman Chu will likely keep you at home watching the kids as your wife brings home the bacon.

 Cut the beard, Sparky. There I said it. Go smooth, clean and shaven Captain James T Kirk look. You need to fit in. You need to do a Power Point presentations without looking like the Unabomber – Ted Kaczynski. And, you need to shave every day.

But if you insist on having facial hair, keep it trimmed and groomed and short enough so that it’s not a bird sanctuary. Be smart, look good, and be normal.

About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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  1. Be normal? Spoken like a true follower. Yes, the dude in the photo above looks like a total douche. Good job finding that one. What does that have to do with a normal full beard or a mustache? Not much. I got the engineering job I’m in right now with a goatee in my interview. Why not shave? I wouldn’t want to work for some dick who’d not hire me based on my facial hair preference anyway.

  2. He looks like a cyborg Lincoln, like you could remove his face and you’d find a lot of steampunk machinery. All he needs is a plexiglass stovepipe hat and he would win at life.

  3. I agree with Jonny. Be normal? Fit in? Who gives a shit about fitting in? Do what you like, and if it happens to be the same thing that a few other people like then so be it. But don’t let the idea of being “normal” dominate your life. How can anyone tell you that you don’t look professional with a beard and have any logic to back their statement? Two types of people go about this world without facial hair, women and children. I am neither.

  4. Be normal? Sometimes I feel like growing a mighty full facial beard just to piss off stuck up, or should I say brainwahsed assholes like yourself. Not that I don’t naturally feel like growing a beard.

    • Dear Johnny, Endurain and Jordan,

      Thanks for you comment. Early this year, I decided to grow a beard. It was a long brutal winter and wanted something to keep my face warm because I didn’t own a ski mask anymore (btw, don’t wear one inside bank!). I didn’t have a job at the time either. But as the bills began to stack up, I had to sale my double-wide trailer and got a much more affordable mobile home. As Recruiter, you know it’s tough to find work because nobody is really hiring. So, then it dawned on me. Why not sale my beard like they sale hair! It turns out, there are few places that like to buy facial hair to transplant it on other men who can’t even grow mustache. My full beard brought in $29! So, now I don’t shave but every 6 months.

  5. “You need to do a Power Point presentations without looking like the Unabomber … And, you need to shave every day.” – what is your organisation, the Borg?

  6. this article sucks! beards rule. the man who wrote this can’t grow one.

  7. It has to of been a woman write this article.

    Most of the influential men in history have had face fluff.
    If it was good enough for them, its good enough for me.

    Facial hair separates men from women and adolescence.

    So grow a beard with pride, and sod anyone else.

  8. fuck “normal”, how arrogant to think that people should change who they look to fit arbitrary fashions, rather than change these irrational views on body image.

    Grow your beards with pride! Be real men!

  9. You are talking about how to get a job? If you know so much why don’t you GET A JOB?? Blogging is not a job.

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