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The Big Let Down – Rejection

Look I know you come here all the time and read every little nugget about recruiting and career advice but there is something that I haven’t shared with many of my friends. And that is REJECTION! In fact…I’ll be quite honest wit’ cha, I really have issues about rejection. I know! ...

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How Privacy Settings Hurt You On LinkedIn

Some LinkedIn users will go through the hassle of creating a profile and then set the privacy settings to private. These users are employed and they don’t want their boss getting notified every time there is an update to the profile. The other LinkedIn users probably didn’t even know about the privacy settings. ...

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When start-ups get AcquiHIRED

You might find yourself living in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife and you may ask yourself…Did I just get Acquihired? Yeah. Welcome to where the players play! Zoom in Google Earth style right smack dab in Silcone Valley. Swish over here. Swish you’re over there. Boom. There is ...

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Dude, Where is My Cube!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been here before: The front receptionist calls. Your new hire is waiting in the lobby since 7:30 AM and he doesn’t know where to go because nobody told him. The Receptionist and your new hire are looking at you like you’re a complete D-bag. ...

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