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Recruiting Tools

Pros and Cons of Taleo

I’ve been using Taleo for years and know all the pros and cons of using it. But let me give you the biggest PRO about Taleo. You get to put it on your resume. And, if you have implemented Taleo then you’re lucky  to have such a highly sought after skill/background. ...

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New Recruiting Tool: Mention

   Mention is my new favorite tool for Twitter. It is Google Alerts on steroids. Mention is useful because it offers web alerts for brands, companies and individuals to track what is being said about them. I really like it as a recruiting tool too because I can setup Keywords ...

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How to Quickly Source Candidates

One day your Boss strolls into your cube and says, “we (meaning you) need to hire 10 Java Developers in a month.” Suddenly you panic, hyperventilate, grow dizzy, faint, then wake up and shout in a Scottish-like Scotty Star Trek sort of way…”I can’t do it! We need more Recruiting ...

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The Best Laptops for Recruiters

Here are some Laptops that I recommend for contract recruiters or independent recruiters. Dell XPS 15z – Solid laptop with an 2.7GHz i7 chip and 750GB hard drive. Also, will run a battery for over 5 hours and weighs about 5.6 pounds Acer Aspire TimelineX 583OTG – 2.3GHz i5-2410M. 640GB ...

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Nerd Beach Ball

What were you playing in the early 80’s? Back then kids played Atari video games. There was checkers, monopoly, and for those that preferred outdoor playgrounds, it was the behemoth metal monkey bars. There was also Dungeons and Dragons (D & D). It was a board game. So the inner ...

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