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How Privacy Settings Hurt You On LinkedIn

Some LinkedIn users will go through the hassle of creating a profile and then set the privacy settings to private. These users are employed and they don’t want their boss getting notified every time there is an update to the profile.

The other LinkedIn users probably didn’t even know about the privacy settings. The default setting is Public.

When you are looking for job you SHOULD have your privacy settings to as visible and you really should have your updates visible too. LinkedIn does not work when you try to have a private profile.

Here is how privacy settings hurt you on LinkedIn (set to Private).

  1. You will not show up in searches (or maybe the very last page if at all)
  2. Most often, people will not be able to contact you through LinkedIn inMail.
  3. Your ranking will be very low.
  4. Very little job opportunities will come your way.
  5. Most recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to discover talent but you won’t be one of them.

Here is how privacy settings hurt you on LinkedIn (set to Visible)

  1. It’s public. EVERYONE can see your profile, updates, info and etc.
  2. Again it’s public and that means your employer can see any NEW connections you make (not cool if you’re connecting with recruiters all the time).
  3. Google indexes public LinkedIn profiles; therefore, you can be searched and found on Google.
  4. Other sites, robots, aggregators, and web crawlers will collect your information and sale it to the highest bidder.

So very simple. Damed if you and damned if you don’t have your privacy set to “visible”.

If you want my IMHO, leave your settings to private when you are NOT looking for a job and set them to visible (public) when you are interested in being found or looking for a job. As a recruiter, I have to leave my privacy setting to public because I am interested in opportunities and helping job seekers.


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