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How to Become a True IT Recruiter – To Herd the Nerd You Must be the Nerd

I was part of an undercover IT recruiting task force back in the late 90’s. My job was to infiltrate a .NET user Meetup. Get to know them, befriend them and eventually recruit them. But then, something went terribly wrong that night. It was trivia night at a pizza parlor. And, I had zero knowledge of current Sci-fi TV shows, video gaming, Fantasy books, programming or anything nerdy. So when a Battlestar Galactica question came up (It was supposed to be easy), it did me in. I was exposed. They found out I was a recruiter! Most IT professionals do not like to mix with recruiters outside of an interview room much less pizza trivia night.

So, I will share the steps you need to take to become a geeky-nerdy IT Recruiter so you can go hang out with IT folks after a meetup.

MOVIES: Rent Stargate, Firefly and X-files. These TV shows will build a good foundation and be your starting point.
GAMES: Start off with Sim City and then tackle hardcore stuff like World of Warcraft but by the hammer of the Thor, do not, I repeat do not jump into Dungeons and Dragons first.
READ: Lord of the Rings. It’s is your bible. Study it and learn it.

At this point you should notice some physical changes in your body. Lack of sun and exercise should be evident as well as some alienation among your social circles.

SPACE: Carl Sagan, refer to him at least once a week.
GRAHPS and CHARTS: Create pie charts of real obscure things like caffeine content on various sodas.
WARDROBE: Shoes choices are Converse for play and Rockport for dress. Sorry ladies absolutely no heels. T-shirts must be worn 24/7.
GADGETS: The more the better! Having an iPhone is ok, but you better off using Android.

This is where you might want to drop out. Just hang in there. But, at this stage you should be completely isolated, pasty white and prefer nocturnal activities.

BUILD: You can either opt for some figurines like lead Dragons to paint or you can go real nerdy and build a Lego icon of Homer Simpson.

At this point, you’re out of the dating scene

ACTIVITIES: Nothing screams geek like a Renaissance festival and Sci-fi convention. Go full costume and stay in character the entire time.

If you are married – you will need a marriage counselor. No. Scratch that. You will need a divorce attorney on your speed dial.

DOCUMENTATION. You must document everything in Pictures and geo-tag them.

So there you have it. With these 10 steps you should be on the road to success. Without them you have zero Greek Cred and will be forced to rely on job postings as your only recruiting source.

About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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  1. Are you even real? You past few articles are just a bunch of nonsense.

  2. Haha! I absolutely love this! As a nerd and a Jr. Recruiter, I thought this was great. But Michael, you have one thing wrong: Geeks are on the rise! Take a look at Big Bang Theory and you see what I mean!

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