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LinkedIn tips for job seekers – activity broadcasts


Looking for a job or want to get noticed? Make sure your activity broadcasts are turned on at the RIGHT times. If you are updating your LinkedIn profile or adding a resume, you will want to TURN OFF your LinkedIn activity broadcasts because you don’t want to alert your employer that you are looking and you don’t want to annoy your network with constant update alerts.

To turn off your activity broadcasts, simply go to the far right of the page where your profile photo is. Hover your mouse over your picture and then select Manage Privacy and Settings. In the middle of the page, you will see Privacy Controls and there is a link – Turn On/Off Activity Broadcasts.

To get noticed and boost your visibility, then you will definitely want the feature Activity Broadcasts is turned on. Click on Home. You will see a box in top right corner that offers ways to keep in touch, or congratulations for those in your network that have got a new job or work anniversary. You will want to Like or Comment on theses at times because the activity will boost your ranking and visibility.

One more way to get noticed with activity is to Connect with people that LinkedIn has suggested in the People You May Know section.



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