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Lost your job…Who you gonna call?

You know him. He calls. He emails. He even texted you during dinner! He is the obnoxious recruiter! Dun Dun Duuuun!!  The guy thinks you’re best pals because you accepted his LinkedIn invite. But then one day, you get the pink slip, or something happens at work and you’re miffed beyond miffed and this time you don’t let it go to voicemail.

A recruiter is persistent or in some cases like an annoying mosquito in your ear. But that’s okay. They are used to being rejected and swatted away. Most experienced headhunters know that 100 dials equals 20 interviews.

But what most job seekers don’t have is a good recruiter in the contacts. They have the dentist, doctor, CPA and attorney at some point. But when they hit a certain age, they will add a recruiter or even a career coach. In fact, after a few years experience on your resume, it’s wise to develop relationships with recruiters. Recruiters have access to opportunities that you’ll want to hear about. So, get to know some recruiters. They are like doormen at a prestigious nightclub. They will let you in the club if they know you but if they don’t then you wait outside the velvet ropes.

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