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MREC – The New Mobile Recruiter

pagerBe honest. You had a pager once. Admit it. It was your alarm clock in the morning. You had proudly clipped it on your belt everyday. You asked all your clients, candidates and friends to page you. You were a sophisticated jet setting recruiter. If only your pager were a human, you would’ve made love to it nightly.

Then one day somebody got a mobile phone. You had to have one too. It was huge and weighed 15 pounds but you didn’t care, you bought it anyways. Your first bill came. You needed to make cutbacks in other areas. You tried to cancel your Columbia House CD club. No go. Locked in on that one. So, you dumped your girlfriend.

Then over the years, you went from the Motorola Star-tac, to a flip phone, and then to a cell phone so tiny only a midget could use it.

Then the Blackberry came. Thank you All Mighty Heavenly Father. The Blackberry consumed your life like crack cocaine. Your friends quit calling. Your wife filed for divorce once…maybe twice… you can’t remember, your kids talked to you like a stranger in the house.

The iPhone came. You were there waiting in line. You paid $600 for the first model. This was it. No longer were you going to need another phone. Your prayers had been answered. Everyone gathered around you as you gave them a demo of it.

A year later, the battery died. You bought a replacement phone for only $500 and it had a 2 megapixel camera! This was it. You were set. But, then they released Android and another iPhone about every 6 months. But you held on to your iPhone until you “accidentally” dropped it while following a work out from from one of the many fitness apps downloaded.

Then the mother of all motherly mothers of a mobile device descended from the heavenly iClouds. Yes. The iPad. It will be yours and yours only and NO ONE will be allowed to touch it especially the kids. A month later you’re kid drops the iPad after 12 hours of watching Fineas and Ferb. You buy another one with a bullet proof case, and then another one for the kids and then another one just for movies.

And it goes on and on and on. New technology, new phone, shiny new colors and features and long lines to get the latest version.

The Mobile Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

I was at MREC  (Atlanta) and did a presentation on some Apps like using Nimble as a CRM. But here is the deal. The one thing that I learned is that Mobile technology is changing too rapidly. Sure, we have two dominant platforms, Android and iOS, but there are other platforms like FireFox. Yes, FireFox has an OS (sign up for it). But as mobile technology evolves, recruiters are benefiting from all the advancements in this space. Also, MREC is not just for recruiters, it’s a conference for the companies that want to develop a successful mobile product for 50 billion dollar recruiting industry. Like the impressive CareerBuilder App. They actually spent some time and dollars on creating an App that works for candidates and recruiters. After using their App, I wouldn’t want to login to another career website ev-er…it was that good. But there were lot of companies that had an App they were pushing or a mobile optimized website. These companies are in the game, they get it, more than 60% of ALL IP TRAFFIC will be from mobile devices in the next few years!!

Sure, every recruiting conference is about the same topic, tools and using it with their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). MREC is a different in this area. While I was there, EVERY recruiter wanted to know how they can tie in Mobile technology with their existing ATS. But we all learned that you CAN’T. Every ATS is not mobile optimized AND jobseekers are starting to use their phone to search for jobs with “Throw Away” apps. By the way, I call them throw away Apps because the user might just use the App for a short period and then delete it later. At MREC we learned that this technology is changing and the ATS will have to change or embrace extinction.

If you missed MREC, then you will have to wait until next year. But by next year there will be more companies with more Apps, tools, methods, ideas, devices, platforms, and more recruiters showing how to use it all. It’s a mobile world. Time to stop playing and start doing.


About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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  1. It is interesting how when I look at Nimble’s website and copywriting, they don’t emphasize mobile. It looks like their beta for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch came out only a few months ago, but most of their copywriting says “and companion mobile app” or “+ iOS Mobile App”. For a company trying to take on Salesforce.com by positioning itself as more social, it seems like poorly worded copywriting to me.

    Really, your blog entry here is the best copywriting Nimble has. Mobile, funny, mobile, witty, mobile, assertive. Got it. You took them from “yet another TechCrunch monitored company” in my mind to something I should pay attention to. Many thanks.

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