Truth About Using Global Recruiting Software


Billions. I love that word except when you’re talking about HR Software especially Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Why? Because. Billions. dollars. are. spent. on. overly. priced HR software that is more focused on tracking a candidate through the interview process. Not too long ago I worked with a well known ...

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Making a career move? Read This Before You Apply On-line!

So wanna make a career change. Congrats! Before that happens, you got some important questions to answer. Earning a living? Paying bills? Got a family? Yeah Sparky, those are big questions. Answering yes to all those questions leads to the biggest question you never even thought of. Who is your ...

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Dude, Where is My Cube!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been here before: The front receptionist calls. Your new hire is waiting in the lobby since 7:30 AM and he doesn’t know where to go because nobody told him. The Receptionist and your new hire are looking at you like you’re a complete D-bag. ...

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