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Recruiter Survival Guide : Are You A One Man Reqing Crew?

We all want to make tons of money, drive fancy cars, have a great house, marriage, kids, and a job that you love. If you can get a couple out of those mentioned life is freakin’ rosy. But, you know what’s not so rosy dear recruiters? When it’s just you. When it’s just you all alone with 30+ reqs. Screaming hiring managers wanting resumes three seconds after your intake call, screaming recruiting managers wanting reports, screaming candidates that wanted feedback from an interview weeks ago, does all this sound familiar to you? If it does, it’s probably because you are a one man REQING crew. Yep. And get used to it. You’re going to be like that until you quit. But….I got some good news for you. I can make your life a little easier if you’re soloing it.

Here are some simple things you can do to make your recruiting world a lot better for and they are sooooo simple that most of us overlook them:

Focus on the easy to fill ones first. Just do it. Doesn’t matter if you have a job that has been open more than 90 days, it doesn’t matter if you have a manager that is screaming for resumes for some wicked-hard niche skill candidates – it D O E S N O T matter! What matters the most is HIRES. If you get HIRES, you keep your job. Plain and simple. Focus on all the easy ones you can fill first and keep knocking those out. The easy ones may never go away or you may only get a few here and there, but still, focus on them FIRST.

I can tell a good recruiter from an average one in about 2 minutes. How do I know? A good recruiter will offload aged reqs to an agency, his/her team, or another recruiter ASAP. A really good recruiter knows how to survive too. They’ve already tried to source and recruit for a certain manager or a job that is very time consuming and quickly realized they were going nowhere fast. A good example are those frustratingly picky-as-hell hiring managers that want to see five screened candidates before they even conduct a single interview. Here is the scenario. You send him/her the candidates, they conduct some interviews, and then ask for MORE resumes. Sorry. Not playing that game anymore. A good recruiter will advise the manager on next steps which is likely getting additional help or offloading it to an agency.  So…pull the plug and offload those type of reqs (or hiring managers).

Stop going to all those meetings! This is an extremely tough one.  I had a manager that wanted me to attend his meeting every week and give an update. The update took 5 minutes but I would sit in his meeting for an hour (even longer).  I’ve learned to tell managers that I’ll attend the meeting but will drop after I give my recruiting update and would like to go first. Most often they are fine with this too. I’ve even told a manager that I can’t attend meetings because they were too early or late. I make it habit of keeping meetings in the middle of the day. The problem with meetings is that everyone thinks their meeting is important. If you really want to know the truth. It’s not. Here is a FACT: Take all the meetings you had and count the number of hours. So let’s say you attended 10 meetings. That is roughly 10 hours out of your 40 hour work week. Those 10 hours are MASSIVE if you are a One (Wo)Man Reqing Crew!!!  Even if it was just 5 meetings per week – waaaay to much. It is. Trust me. You’re not interviewing candidates during a meeting are you? Then you’re doing something that is not going to result in a HIRE. So…. STOP WASTING HOURS SITTING IN MEETINGS. The solution here is to just drop off the call or walk of out of the meeting. I’ve become really good at it and if I missed something, then they will call or send me an email. Furthermore, I am leaving at a reasonable time and staying productive. Get in the habit of doing it and watch how many HOURS you get back each day.

So there it is. Very simple stuff that is extremely hard to pull off because…you’re either scared or think it’s part of your job. Your job is to get hires. No hires equal you getting fired. Focus on hires and you can be the One Man Reqing Crew.


Check out this One Man…er Woman Band. She has got it down!

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