Taleo is the Best Applicant Tracking System

I’ve got about 15 years worth of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) knowledge and experience. Truth is. Taleo is the best. There is a reason why Oracle purchased Taleo for a Bagrillion dollars.  I have demoed almost every one of them. All of them, except Taleo, do a poor job reporting. They all brag about cutting edge features like job distribution modules and social media capabilities, but they don’t always live up to the hype. Plus, keep in mind every ATS provider have Salesmen that will hound you into using their product or stand-alone module. These same sales guys go around pushing job distribution packages and brag about the number of quality hires that come from job postings. Don’t be fooled by them EVEN if they provide “research and analysis” around the quality of external hires through job postings. They just want you to buy their product and once you’re invest in their ATS your resumes will be “locked up” forever. Sure they say you can always port your resumes to another ATS if you decide to leave but they won’t do it for you and they make it nearly impossible for you to port your resumes (in other words you are screwed).

For companies that have 10 or more employees go with Taleo. You won’t be disappointed. They have great customer service and more tracking features than the “other” ATS out there.

And if you would like to learn more about my experience with Taleo or even some of the “other” ATS out there, I will be glad to give you my Pros and Cons for all them. But for now Taleo is the top dog when it comes to Enterprise level Applicant Tracking System.

Happy Friday!

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