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The Best Smart Phone App for Recruiters and How to Use It.

Let’s face it! Recruiters no longer network like they used. It’s all online these days. And it’s really pissing me off because I keep getting “ignored”. Folks, how can I stalk you if you want make any updates! Puh-lease, throw me a frickin bone here people. I want to network with you so I can offer you a better job. Is that too much to ask? And is it too much to ask for Sharks with Frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads??

Okay, look, I..we…uh.. recruiters just need to get over that not everyone in social media networks wants to have a recruiter following their every move. Fine! But, let me introduce to you (assuming you’re a recruiter) a potential recruiting tool that is an App. A delicious phone app that allows you to follow people in a local area and ask questions…drumroll…DRUMROLL! It’s called Local Mind (cymbals crashing).

Yeah, Local Mind! It’s a great App for that nerdy-techy-creepy-candidate-stalker type that is willing to follow anyone. But what I really really really like about this App is that it’s great for conferences.
Let’s say (evil laughing: bwahahahahaha) you’re at an Oracle conference. You’re not a DBA. You’ve never used Oracle, but you need to hire some top notch Oracle DBAs for your company. So, you attend an Oracle conference in your wind tunneled tested hair do, with an Armani suit, and loaded with business cards. You wait as attendees pour at the door handing cards out but they blow past you like a street beggar. Shot down, ready to go home, and no candidates you decide to fire up Local Mind.

BAM! You got attendees everywhere asking questions to find food, coffee, and DBA things. By the way, most DBAs eat fresh, so you can find a ton of them at Subway (hint hint, thank you very much). Local Mind is great because you can ask questions or answer them. So if bunch of geeky Oracle DBAs want to go the karaoke bar, you can help find them the best spot. And, get this, you can actually send them a text message if they accept your texts!! How awesome is that! Another cool thing, if people login using their Twitter or Facebook account, you get their profile pic. Now you know what they look like when you show up at the karaoke bar.

Have fun stalking your candidates and remember, If you’re online networking methods start to seem a little creepy then it probably is creepy. No need to be a pest.

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I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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