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The Big Let Down – Rejection

Look I know you come here all the time and read every little nugget about recruiting and career advice but there is something that I haven’t shared with many of my friends. And that is REJECTION! In fact…I’ll be quite honest wit’ cha, I really have issues about rejection. I know! I’m a recruiter. I get rejected like 100 times a day it seems, but I struggle with rejection. I think it has something to with my childhood. Yet, when I got into recruiting, I just wanted the folks that I was trying to connect with to accept me as a friend. The problem is that there were 100’s of recruiters trying to reach the same candidates.

So I have a post that is coming out that helps YOU move past rejection if you are LOOKING for a job or a recruiter trying to HIRE someone. This I promise will be a fun series because I want to share some stories with you. But for starters, I want you stop writing what you think is a great email. I want you stop sending your resume to everyone. Yeah, I know you’re desperate. Yeah, I know you’ve been looking for a couple of months. And, we all know you won’t stop until you find what you are looking for.

You’re getting rejected and you’re still doing the same thing.  STOP what you are doing .

Stay tuned in the next couple of days and I’ll share something with you to get past rejection and on to results.

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I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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