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What Happens When Your Job is Canceled

NYC Canceled MarathonJust as I was boarding the plane to New York, they canceled the NYC Marathon that evening. My wife had trained all year long. We thought that the race might be canceled but were very optimistic on Friday morning that the race was still on. Sometimes jobs are canceled in the 11th hour and that causes a huge let down for recruiters. What do you tell the candidates that just interviewed or the ones that were about to get an offer? How do you keep recruiters going after a big let down? Why wasn’t the job canceled long before?

There are a million reasons why jobs are canceled last minute and yet nobody catches more blame than recruiters for them. I’ve worked on jobs that were so urgent that even recruiting managers were fretting over them but in the last minute they were canceled for the lamest reasons. And to make it even worse, the jobs were reopened a month later and the hiring manager doesn’t understand why none of the interviewed candidates are still available.

Sometimes jobs are canceled last minute and there is no way to avoid them. It just happens. But when they do occur, it causes a ripple effect in recruiting. It’s better to ask a lot of questions up front to verify if the job is solid. To avoid the sketchy jobs, look for signs (i.e. waiting for approval, or weak job details) that potentially lead to cancellations.

Yeah, they canceled the ING Marathon in New York at the last minute. But we still went anyways. And recruiters will do the same, they will work it even when it’s 50/50 chance it’s canceled.  They will work a req knowing that it will probably be canceled because it’s far better to have resumes for a job than risk not having candidates at all.

On a positive note, a lot of the runners ran the race anyways in Central park. It was touching to see people out there giving it all they had. I saw a blind man being led. Teams of runners from other countries ran with their flags. Runners for their charities ran. Folks that had trained all year long ran AND without any water stations, and large masses cheering them on they ran it too. It was just a small crowd of people that kept running the race and a small group of us that cheered them along the way. That may have been the best marathon that NYC never saw, dedicated folks that kept on running even when the race was called off. They say NYC never sleeps, it never quits too.

***I’ll have some pics of the runners on another page once I get them loaded up.

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  1. I had no idea that this year’s marathon (or non-marathon) was so inspiring! It gives me hope that myself and others will never give up in anything we do. Whether it’s running a race or searching for a job, even when there is a chance that things will not work out as desired, keep running, keep looking. Sometimes, being prepared is the best way to be. Prepared for the inevitable, or prepared to be the person that never quits.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Dee. Oh that’s such a bummer. It doesn’t hurt to let them know this. Who knows? If the person that they hired doesn’t work out, then you might have a shot.

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