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Why Companies Fail at Recruiting – Stop Using Pre-screen Assessment Tools

imageLook, if your a wordsmith and grammatical errors drives you crazy, then stop reading this now. I just write straight from the heart and whatever comes to mind. This is a series on why companies fail at recruiting. And, if you’re the type of recruiter that believes in pre-screen assessment tools or having lengthy recruiting screening questionnaire that takes hours to complete, then you are NOT going to agree with what I’m saying here.

Recently, Lou Adler, a well known expert in the recruitment industry, had written something on Pre-screen Assessment Tools and actually called for companies to stop using them. Of course, all the folks for Pre-screen Assessment Tools (Let’s call them PST) came to defend their usage and most of them defending were those that had invested in the technology as a business owner or devout practitioner.

I’m not going to bring up any of the Pros for PST because…to be honest…there aren’t many and really don’t think there are worth mentioning. And, I will actually post this same article to my LinkedIn account and I’m sure a lot will chime in as to why recruiting must have PSTs to hire quality folks.

But, here is the main point about PST. I want YOU to know this and really remember it. It’s a very common issue with all companies about what I’m going to tell you and if you’re a seasoned recruiter you will  agree100% with this and if you’re a job seeker you definitely know this is true. Alright, here is the deal. M-O-N-E-Y. That’s it. Money! Money is the root of evil in this world as they say AND Money-money-money is the root of ALL problems in companies that have ANY recruiting needs.

So, why do companies use PST? When companies want to hire top talent, they look at PST as a much needed to tool to help filter out unqualified applicants. However, what they really want is a Lexus but for the Nissan price. Let me tell you the cycle…how it all starts…how companies resort to a PST. When businesses struggle to attract and hire top talent, they blame the recruiter. Eventually companies will settle for mediocre candidates because the position has been open far too long. Essentially, they settle on someone who doesn’t have ALL the traits they need. And to make matters worse, they hire a lot of mediocre people, often incompetent ones too and they begin to have attrition. Management blames HR and HR blames the recruiters for all the “bad” hires.

The main problem again is money. Cash. Salary. Compensation. If companies wanted to truly hire the best, they will open up their salary ranges. If you want a to buy a Lexus, you have to pay the market value for that new Lexus. Plain and simple.

Instead of fixing their attrition and salary ranges, they resort to a PST. Companies and mostly Human Resource managers that haven’t a clue about recruiting will follow whatever trend that has a lot of buzz and one of them is PSTs.

The problems with PST are so many, that I won’t even bother listing them here. But for starters, using a PST to improve quality of hire is a complete-waste-of-time if salary ranges are below market value. Workers will leave for more money. They know what they are worth. They have bills and want nice things and they most definitely will leave if the salary is even slightly below what their peers make. So, using a PST to screen for candidates that will “stick around” is pointless if you can’t have a descent salary range.

One other problem with PST is that most highly sought after talented individuals often are NOT looking for a job. They are happy where they are. And if a recruiter convinces them to even have a chat on the phone, it takes a LOT of calls, emails and relationship building to get there. But, then asking them to go through a PST would be like a dude asking a woman on a date and then asking her to pick him up, pay for the meal and the movie. Not a good thing. At all.

So, if you’re reading this and maybe you saw my profile on LinkedIn and thinking, I need a good recruiter…or, maybe you’re a jobseeker looking for advice, then know that I have a lot of opinions and I have a lot of experience in recruiting so what I am telling you is from actually having to use (or tolerate) PSTs. And if you hate them, then I’m in your corner.

Okay, that’s it. Stay tuned. This is a series I’m doing called Why Companies Fail at Recruiting.

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