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You’re on LinkedIn but you still can’t find a job and here is why

It’s summer. Grilling, sipping cold beer, poolside and beachin’ it like every-which-way-and-any-way-you-can. And life is good. Except some folks, summer is all about getting another job. J O B hunting still??? Yeah. We know. A lot of us have been there before (ahem..many times). And it just so…routine . The same old same old every frickin day. Waiting. Hoping a recruiter will notice your LinkedIn profile. You’ll do about anything to get noticed. But no one has even viewed your profile!

You’re not getting a job because you are doing the SAME THING every day. It hasn’t worked! And it’s not going to improve either.

You’ve got to change it up.

I put a post out daring some to stop looking for a job. (here). But stay with me.

You can’t find a job because you’re looking in the same places and doing the same thing AND you are NOT dialing right the people.

The truth is…you’re emailing everyone. OR, you’re calling former co-workers. And, these are the same people that you talked to quite often around the water cooler. Am I right? I know am. I’ve been there before.

But let me tell you something dear job seeker reader.

Recruiters that do NOT pick up the phone rarely make placements. It’s true. Any recruiter that just tries to email (or inMail) spin their wheels. The recruiter that picks up the phone and starts calling candidates, those are the ones that find talent and hire them.


Take a page out of the recruiter’s playbook.

Start making calls every day. Not just a four or five calls. Make about 50. Yeah. 50! Don’t even look at LinkedIn until you made a lot of phone calls.

Trust me.

Once you make calls to find a job, you’ll get someone to HELP you. Much better to talk to a live person too….and I’m sure you’ve heard that before…but it’s true.

Pick up the phone. Call someone. And enjoy the rest of the summer


About Michael Glenn

I am a talent acquisition consultant, trainer and motivator for jobseekers and recruiters. I specialize in helping others find opportunities and bringing top talent to companies.

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