Creating a Facebook ad is plain and simple, kind of like a bagel. Anyone can do it.  But, running Facebook recruitment marketing campaigns that deliver results is like doing jumping jacks in a canoe. And, Facebook’s employment ad policies are a dart throw at best. The biggest mistake. I mean the BIGGEST MISTAKE that I’ve made starting out, was the basics of GROWING your audience and followers.  However, you can improve your ads and grow your Facebook audience with these three fundamental steps.


First off, don’t get cocky. Unless you have a well-known brand like Nike or Apple, don’t go for the strategies like website traffic. Those are for suckers thinking they can make a half-court shot when they have very few followers on their business page. Instead, opt for the awareness strategy. 

Facebook pages are designed for stories, images, and videos that people might find interesting. Your campaign strategy should be awareness starting out because it will grow your audience, and followers and increase engagement. Facebook will never ever show employment ads outside of those that haven’t engaged with your page or have similar interests. Using the awareness strategy, you’ll expand your reach and grow your target audience.


Recruitment Marketers are often laser-focused on clicks and click-through rates early on and try to improve them by adding more funds. Throwing a lot of money into your ad budget doesn’t mean you’ll get good results. In fact, you can sound like a moron trying to explain a lead gen campaign that netted 74 leads for $25K.

Here’s the budget issue, adding more funds during the learning phase increases the CPC.  Also, continuously running the campaign and adding funds along the way is a novice mistake because Facebook’s CPM is constantly changing.

Instead, just let the campaign run. Then look at the Ad insights to determine adjustments that are needed in the next campaign to achieve your marketing goals. And after running your awareness campaigns, you’ll learn how to set your budget accordingly.


You have to monitor and measure EVERY campaign. I know. I get it. You don’t really have the time. Your team is too small, and you already have a lot of tasks and deadlines.  Without analyzing historical campaign data is like pitching a tent in the dark. Measuring Facebook ad campaigns every month takes the guesswork out of your next campaign.


If you’re not measuring the performance of your posts, then constantly placing ads is throwing money away.   I’d encourage you to check out Rally Inside and its platform for measuring and tracking campaign performance. It’s designed for recruitment marketers that want to really get good at recruitment marketing.


So, the fundamentals mentioned here are just a few.  The three tips for Facebook ads are a great for starting out and building your tribe of followers. Stay connected with me.  I’ve got a whole bag of fundamentals waiting for you.