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You want to hire the right people for the right job.  But, in today’s market,  attracting top talent can be a challenge if you don’t have recruitment marketing in place. Employer Branding is critical. Showcasing employee culture, creating the EVP and selling all the benefits of working at your company takes time to build. At Glennlist, you’ll find best practices, guides and the latest news and trends to help your organization in all areas of recruitment marketing especially with employer branding.

AI Social Media Recruitment Marketing

Getting ROI on a social media platform for employment advertisements can feel like a game of Three-card Monte. Attracting talent using social media, isn’t just placing an ad, it’s knowing how to generate content that resonates with your target audience. This is where Generative AI can help. It’s not replacing a job as a recruitment marketer but it’s replacing some of the tasks and guesswork that goes along with digital media ads.


Topics Covered



My articles cover a range of topics such as video testimonial steps or how to create a recruitment marketing tool.

SEO Strategy

SEO is constantly changing and adapting. Staying ahead of your competitors is paramount when it comes to attracting talent. 


AI Tools

Now with AI, recruitment marketing technology will become available for demo and testing.

Employer Brand Strategy

Start by defining what your organization stands for, its mission, values, and unique characteristics that differentiate it from other companies. 

Career Site Optimization

It’s imperative that every career site page has personalization for new and returning visitors in-order to improve page visits, duration and conversion goals.

Creative Copywriting

Many years as geeky Sourcer, I have a passion for innovative ways to attract talent. Explore some of these trends with me.

recruitment marketing challenges?

The possibilities with Recruitment Marketing are nearly limitless. But here’s the deal. Attracting top talent is never easy.

The ocean of talent that is searching for new opportunities may never engage with your brand or even learn of your job openings. 

Explore my topics on Recruitment Marketing tactics that will attract qualified talent to your open roles.