As an Employer Branding professional, I’ve had to endure hundreds of boring-ass employee video testimonials. Almost all of them with the same lame message as to why they like working for their company. Look, there’s no doubt that employer branding videos are awesome tools that let companies show off their culture, values, and work environment, but more people will watch them if the video can truly give them a sneak peek into what it’s like to be an employee and help them connect with the company on a deeper level. And thanks to AI, we can create easy affordable captivating videos using AI.


How is this done?


AI has gotten smart with natural language processing and machine learning. With AI-powered platforms, companies can turn their text-based content, like job descriptions, company profiles, and employee stories, into eye-catching videos. These platforms use cool tricks like recognizing images, generating voiceovers, and editing videos to make them super engaging.

Here is a platform that I recommend, .  With these tools, Employer Branding teams can start creating stories that grab job seekers’ attention.

The truth is, AI doesn’t just stop at making videos. It can also tell great stories. By analyzing the feelings, tone, and context of the text, AI can come up with scripts that hit candidates right in the feels. Whether it’s showing off the company’s mission, team spirit, or work-life balance, AI knows how to tailor the message to match the company’s unique vibe.



Remember, AI is your secret weapon for turning boring text into amazing videos that grab candidates’ attention. It’s all about creating engaging stories, personalizing the content, and measuring the results to keep improving. So, let your creativity flow and let AI do the heavy lifting and go from craptastic  to captivating videos that job seekers will watch.