Stop. Collaborate and listen. Let me tell you, there’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped. We’re talking about showcasing unity and acceptance through the awe-inspiring narratives of before and after employee stories. Stories about employees who faced struggles within their companies but emerged victorious through perseverance (sounds like the Office plotline).  Employer branding has the power to revolutionize storytelling strategies and showcase a genuine commitment to unity and acceptance.


How you ask?


When employees bare their souls, sharing their struggles, triumphs, and moments of self-realization, a connection is made with others especially candidates. It’s like a relatable and captivating narrative unfolds before our eyes, leaving a lasting impact on both current and potential employees. These stories offer a glimpse into the reality of working within an organization, showcasing the challenges individuals face but then showing how they grew and became better from it.  By weaving together honesty, experience, and personal battles, these stories transcend their marketing purpose and become a wellspring of inspiration and knowledge for others. Okay, that sounds a little corny, but it’s true! The authenticity they exude fosters a sense of connection and belonging, that resonates with employees and candidates.


I know look.  It’s always been about flaunting the company’s achievements and successes, painting the organization as the almighty hero. But it’s getting old. Nobody really cares about why someone came to work for your company. And Employer Brand managers are to blame. They’ve….ahem…we’ve been trying to lure “top talent” with tales of opportunity, hard work, and glorious rewards. Far too often, leaders push for content that shines the spotlight on the company’s accomplishments, sidelining the personal experiences that audience would like learn from. Yet, the stories that leave a lasting impact are the ones that shed light on those moments when employees felt like they didn’t belong and when acceptance seemed out of reach. It’s time to shift the focus. Let’s redirect that spotlight from the company to the employee. It’s time to embrace a more genuine, relatable narrative. 


 Let’s move beyond showcasing boring-ass-same-old company achievements and tap into true stories of employees finding their way. By shining a light on experiences of not feeling accepted and then the journey to overcome the obstacles,  employer branding becomes a catalyst for cultivating a culture of empathy, support, and genuine connection. It’s time to embrace and promote those before and after stories that breathe authenticity, empathy, and growth. In doing so, organizations send a resounding message of their unyielding commitment to unity, acceptance, and the creation of a workplace where everyone feels valued and included. Are you ready to harness the immense power of these narratives? I know I am.